Concert season is in full swing, and there is nothing more important than not only looking good but feeling good. For me, I feel most confident when I m comfortable. Don t get me wrong, I love dressing up but there are those moments when I want to pull out the flats and enjoy all that summer has to offer. When it comes to attending summer concerts my philosophy has all ways been keep it simple. I prefer throwing on a sexy short dress, accessories, cute sandals and my secret weapon shapewear! Now don t get me wrong, I know plenty of ladies prefer Read MoreSummer Concert Fashion with Maidenform is a post from: Swa-Rai

This summer has been all about making memories with the boychild! We ve done everything under the sun and still have a lot more to do. As the boychild s mother, I ve had a blast re-living my childhood through his eyes. Whether we are on the go, or at home we are always looking for something to do. Recently, I surprised the boychild to a water fight; the only thing I told him was to go put on some play clothes and shoes and head outside. Growing up, I always wanted a Nerf Super Soaker but my grandmother would never buy me Read MoreSwa-Rai Mommy: Nerf Rebelle vs. Nerf Super Soaker is a post from: Swa-Rai

Recently, I was sent the new L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation for review. I m not a foundation kind of girl, I try to avoid it at all cost but my little sister was looking for a boost. So I decided to let her do this review. She s like me so she loves trying new products, especially products that will help with her acne-prone skin. So we put L Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation to the test, see how it stacked up below.  The application process was fairly simple, all she needed was a foundation brush. Put a little dab on your Read MoreBeauty Report: L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation is a post from: Swa-Rai

I can t lie before seeing Janelle Monae at Essence Fest, I never really listened to her music. After seeing her put on a live show, I quickly became a fan. A week after I got home, I got yet another chance to see Janelle Monae perform live at the Chicago Taste with the Illinois Lottery for their #APMusic Series. I d never been to a concert at the taste so this was a new adventure for both me and my friend. I usually don t like going to concerts during the Taste because of the heat and all those people but this Read MoreIllinois Lottery #APMusicSeries featuring Janelle Monae is a post from: Swa-Rai

Alright guys, the boychild has been waiting all summer to see Planes: Fire and Rescue! We finally got a chance to see it the other day with Fandango Family and we had a ball! My son thought it was better than the first one. I actually enjoyed the movie as much as he did, I love how all of the Planes movies have a lesson behind each story. Although the boychild might not fully understand them all now because he s 5, I m sure he will get it much later. Planes: Fire and Rescue hits theaters today, so make sure you Read MorePlanes: Fire and Rescue! Hits Theaters Today x Kohl s Discount is a post from: Swa-Rai

 Ever since I saw the preview of the movie Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, I knew I had to see it. There was something about Scarlett Johansson playing the role of Lucy that intrigued me, plus you can never go wrong when Morgan Freeman is in the picture. Well Lucy is officially hitting theaters next week, and I couldn t be more excited! Keep reading for your chance to attend with Swa-Rai! Haven t heard about the movie, check out the synopsis below From La Femme Nikita and The Professional to The Fifth Element, writer/director Luc Besson has created some Read MoreAttend the Lucy Movie Screening with Swa-Rai is a post from: Swa-Rai

As you guys know, for the summer I decided to go lighter with my extensions. Every since the first time I dyed my hair a few years ago, I ve been obsessed with wearing color. I just thinks it brings out more of my personality and brightens my face. Well color extensions need just as much attention as your natural hair. The main trick to making your extension last is 1. purchasing a good grade of hair. 2. The products you use!. Recently, I decided to put VO5 s Salon Series to the test. To start out, I washed my hair with Read MoreSummer Hair w/ Alberto VO5 x Giveaway is a post from: Swa-Rai

Everyone knows there is nothing like Summertime in Chicago, even if you don t live here, I m sure you ve heard about it. With that being said, I absolutely love eating good food while hanging out with my friends. For even better times, I love to add a cocktail or 2 to the mix. After all summer only lasts 100 days here in Chicago, so why not get out and make the most of it. Looking for something cool to do? Check to see if your favorite restaurant has a patio or rooftop so you and your friends can sit out and Read MoreFriends, Food, Good Converation & Endless Appetizers is a post from: Swa-Rai

A few weeks ago, I got a special surprise invite from the people at Remy V. All the invite said was come camera ready and be prepared to have a great afternoon. I didn t really know what to expect but it s Remy V so I knew I was in for a good time. Well a good time it was, when I pulled up to Network Bar and Grill, little did I know I was in for an afternoon of cocktails, conversations and fun with Remy V Style Ambassador Chris Curse. Curse extended a special invitation to Chicago area bloggers, influencers, and entertainment industry Read MoreI m Apart of the Remy V FAB Insider’s Circle is a post from: Swa-Rai

Although this was my first Essence Fest, it wasn t my first time visiting New Orleans. I knew that in order to survive the hot heat, mama would wear nothing but dresses and flats. I knew that I would be running around from event to event so I wanted to wear outfits that were cute but not boring. One of my favorite dresses I wore during Essence Fest was this Annabel Colorblock Dress from Fashion to Figure. I don t usually wear my arms out like that but I thought the hell with it, it s too hot to be self-conscious. I received so Read MoreOutfit Post: Essence Fest is a post from: Swa-Rai